Camino – Day 42 – heading for home

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Camino – Day 42 – heading for home

It’s been quite a day. For a guy who hasn’t been in a motor vehicle of any kind for 41 days I ended my speed abstinence in a big way. I rode 2 trains (one of which reached speeds of 250 km per hour, which is 50 times as fast as I’ve been moving on the Camino), 2 subway trains (I am feeling inordinately proud of myself for haltingly but successfully navigating the Madrid Metro system), and one taxi. One last night sleeping in a hostel dorm (inexpensive accommodations within walking distance of the aeropuerto), and then I fly home tomorrow morning.

It will take me some time (possibly a lifetime) to process this experience, but it this moment it is clear to me that I can safely declare it to be remarkable. There are many, many things I will miss, and a few things I won’t, but since all of it together was a package deal, with every part contributing in some way to the whole, I will embrace all of it.

Thank you to everyone who has been with me in the pilgrimage. Your presence mattered.

Buen Camino!

Here is a link to a few photos (and images) from today –



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