– Roger Lynn

Stepping into

the Mystery

Reflections from a Sauntering Coddiwompler

Latest from the Journey

A Sense of Stillness

I’m enjoying a few days of quiet downtime before my life picks up speed on Monday. That’s the day I officially step out of retirement and take up the mantle of being a pastor again (for the next three months). I’m actually excited for the challenge, but just for...

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The Unfolding Adventure

17 days ago I drove away from my home in Colorado and headed west. I was embarking on a new adventure. Beginning on August 15th I will be stepping out of retirement and back into the pulpit for three months. The destination was Spokane, but I decided to take the...

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Singing Sacred Phrases & Shining

In the Dances of Universal Peace we sing and dance sacred phrases from the faith traditions of the world. And because the original inspiration for the Dances was the Sufi tradition, many of those sacred phrases are in Arabic. One of my favorites is “La Ilaha...

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