– Roger Lynn

Stepping into

the Mystery

Reflections from a Sauntering Coddiwompler

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Music That Touches Me

For a whole lot of years now Carrie Newcomer’s music has been one of the touchstones in my life. On a frequent and regular basis her songs speak to my heart and for my heart. I come back to them again and again because they remind me what is true (at least for me)...

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I went to Michigan to spend a week with one of my daughters and two of my grandkids. That week turned into two weeks (thank you United Airlines for making that not only possible but easy, and to Susan for taking care of both her responsibilities and mine back in...

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Nineteen Years Ago

Nineteen years ago today I had the life-changing honor and privilege of marrying Veronica Lassen. We had no idea what lay ahead for us nor how quickly it would come, and that is one of life’s great and gracious gifts. What we knew was that love had brought us...

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