– Roger Lynn

Stepping into
the Mystery

Reflections from a Sauntering Coddiwompler

Latest from the Journey

A Springtime Experience in My Life

It seems that I am having what might be called a springtime experience in my life. After a long winter my heart is thawing and my soul is waking up. It’s not any one particular thing that I notice, but rather all of the various pieces of my life falling into place...

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Something Is Happening

Something is happening in my life! An unfolding, a letting go, a blossoming, a transformation? I don’t have words to capture it, because I can’t quite catch more than hints and glimpses. But I can feel it. Occasionally it will break through and grab my attention,...

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Camino Photos – Daily Galleries

Here are links to the Daily Photo Galleries from my 2023 Camino Pilgrimage: Camino Photos - Getting There Camino Photos - Day 1 Camino Photos - Day 2 Camino Photos - Day 3 Camino Photos - Day 4 Camino Photos - Day 5 Camino Photos - Day 6 Camino Photos - Day 7...

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