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Camino – Day 34

What a lovely morning. The stage was already set. All I needed to do was show up. And I prepared the way for that to happen yesterday evening. In my blog post yesterday I mentioned that I was experiencing some sadness related to the “need” to start making reservations for upcoming albergues. And then I realized it was possible to shift my perspective by acknowledging that I was only doing what the circumstances called for. It was like switching a switch. The sadness disappeared and was almost instantly replaced with a sense of relief, peace, and ease. I can now enjoy walking without worrying about whether or not I will have a bed. The Camino’s lesson for me was the value of letting go of expectations and intentions when they no longer serve me.

And thus it was that I showed up for today’s walk open and ready to receive the beauty of this day. And oh what beauty there has been. This Galician countryside, in all of its rural glory, continues to feed my soul. Rolling hills, with low stone walls delineating the fields, and tree lined lanes are a peaceful delight. Along the way I passed the 100km marker. It is now less than 100 kilometers to Santiago. (When I started in Saint Jean, France 34 days ago, Santiago was 778 kilometers away.) Then, just for the pure fun of it, I came upon a Celtic bagpiper playing in the middle of the forest. And finally, after all of that, I arrived at my destination – an oasis called Mercadoiro, set in the midst of this idyllic landscape. (And the very nice albergue offers a luxury heretofore unheard of in my experience – real sheets, both top and bottom. It is the first time in 34 days that I will be sleeping on something other than the sleeping sack I brought with me.)

A week from tomorrow I will walk into Santiago for the first time. Until then I will simply continue to enjoy the journey.

Buen Camino!

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