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Camino – Day 19 – a rest day

I am taking today as a rest day. It feels both luxurious and a bit odd. I laid in my bunk while everyone else in the room was packing up and getting ready for a day of walking. I still had to be out of the albergue by 8:30, but I was able to leave my pack, since I am staying in the same alburgue tonight (this time in a private room). That means I got to spend the day exploring the city without a pack on my back. The pace of my life has already slowed down in a dramatic way, and a day like today slows it down even further. I wandered the streets for about 1/2 hour, just noticing the morning light on the buildings as the city came awake. It was mostly just pilgrims heading west towards wherever they are heading today, but also a few locals going to work. All of us just people, living our lives each in our own unique ways. The rest of the day included a leisurely breakfast, and then more sauntering through the city. It is a lovely small city full of old churches and new public art on the sides of many of the buildings. I also received a certificate commemorating the fact that I have now officially reached the halfway point on the Camino. In the process I figured out the discrepancy between my calculations (which put the halfway point about 20 kilometers back) and this community (Sahagun). I measured from St. Jean (where I began in France), and Sahagun measures from Roncesvalles (which is the first point in Spain). It has been a lovely and relaxing day.

Buen Camino, wherever The Way takes you this day.

Here is a link to photos from today –



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