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Camino – Day 15

Today is Day 25, and I have now been on the Camino for two weeks. The places I’ve seen and the experiences I’ve had are beginning to blend together, but what I continue to carry with me is the uniqueness of each day and absolute awe and wonder that I have the privilege of being on this path.

Yesterday was a delightful stroll through the countryside. Today I trudged through the wind and the rain. And it was amazing. I’m grateful for quality Gortex rain gear, but my socks were still soaked when I arrived at my destination. I really hope my shoes have dried out by the time I put them back on tomorrow morning. And yet, I am grateful for all of it. I get to experience the fullness of what the Camino has to show me, about this place and about myself. Today I was grateful for the knowledge that the Hebrew word “ruach” means breath, wind, and Spirit! So when the wind was blowing hard in my face I was able to shout “Yes! Blow Spirit, blow!” And on I walked.

It was another reasonable day – about 21km in 4 1/2 hours. I landed in the small village of Itero de La Veta, at the Albergue La Mochila. I arrived very wet and was greeted by a somewhat disorganized but smiling innkeeper who eventually figured out that what he had to offer was a room with 3 beds that I am sharing with a young Irish woman and her mother. It is a dry place to sleep and I am grateful. Walking for days while carrying all my gear on my back is helping me to appreciate whatever gifts come my way. So today I acknowledge that I am profoundly blessed in more ways than I can count. Buen Camino!

Here is a link to today’s photos:


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    Great photos Roger! What a journey!


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