Camino – Day 2 – Lost – Found – and Exhausted

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Day 2 of my Camino was full of unexpected experiences and new learnings. I started walking from Roncesvalles before first light, and going through the first village I missed one of the Camino markers and got lost for a bit. But I soon hooked up with three pilgrims from Italy. Together we wandered around until we finally found the path again. The lesson: getting lost is not the end of world and it is possible to find your way again. The walk was challenging, over some uneven downhill stretches. Finally made it to Zubiri and had lunch with 2 brothers from the States and a guy from Ireland who I met on the trail this morning. I had originally planned to stay in Zubiri tonight, but at lunch we decided to press on to Larrasoana, where there is a municipal Alberge that one of the guys had heard was nice. It was about 5 or 6 km away. We arrived before they opened, so we sat around in the lovely courtyard and a changed out my shoes for flip flops, which felt delicious. At that point I had walked 28km today. After waiting about 45 minutes we discovered that they were closed for a local holiday. Would have been helpful if they had posted a sign. Everything else in town was already full. So we took off for the next village (3.1km away) and there wasn’t anything available there, so on to the next village (another 3.4km) – where we found a lovely parochial Alberge that had room for all 4 of us. When all is said and done I walked 34.5km today. I’m not sure my legs are functioning any more. I sincerely hope this distance will stand as my longest on this adventure. On the other hand we probably wouldn’t have discovered this really lovely Alberge otherwise. I’m exhausted but feeling amazing. Before today I didn’t know I could walk that far. And it continues to be profoundly beautiful. And I’m meeting interesting people who I am communicating with, even though we don’t speak the same language. Life is very very  good!

Here are some pics from Day 2 –



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