Walking Into Beauty

Roger Lynn is an experiential mystic – lover of life – photographer – flute player – poet – hiker – hot spring soaker – expresser of gratitude – blessed beyond the capacity of words to express. He currently lives in Boulder, CO.

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On a recent “Morning Edition” on NPR they played an “Audio Postcard” from Brian Mann (“Spending a day on a forest path in the Silh River valley” – Click Here to listen) It was a beautifully edited piece that offered a lovely walk in the woods of Switzerland. I absolutely loved every bit of it, with one exception. At one point in the middle of his walk he said, “Absolutely nothing dramatic happens on this wanderung (walk).” I know what he meant, because he followed up that comment by saying, “But as I walk, moving at this slower pace in this beautiful place, the tug of deadlines and the busy world eases just a little.” But for me everything he was describing on his walk sounded powerfully dramatic. Not loud and hectic. No deadlines and conflict. Certainly not the stuff of newsroom drama. But dramatic in the sense of moving my soul. It seems to me that what the world needs is more drama like this.




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