Remnants of Some Time Now Past

Once upon a time,
on a day now lost to memory,
except, perhaps, to the one
who first stood in this place
with hammer in hand,
there was someone
who found this tree
and decided to find out
what adventures awaited
up among the branches.

So with a pocket full of nails,
a few scraps of wood, 
and a hammer,
this young dreamer 
(weren’t we all young once?)
began to form a ladder of sorts
up into the sky.

Who can imagine
where such a pathway once led, 
and how many times
it was used?

What I know
is that a mark was left.
At least a remnant of that adventure

I hope the steps
that carried the dreamer on from here
led to a life filled with awe and wonder.

As for me, I’m grateful
to have caught at least a glimpse
of that now long forgotten time.
And my hope for myself
is the same as for that dreamer
from long ago – 
a life filled with awe and wonder.
I believe that is always true.
All that is required
is for me to show up
and pay attention. 

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