It’s Good To Be Reminded…

Seven months ago I retired. On that occasion I received LOTS of cards. At the time I read them, appreciated them, and then put them in a box. Today I came across that box and decided to read them again. It was a humbling, heart-warming, and encouraging experience. There have been times when I found myself wondering if I ever really made a difference in anyone’s life. I’m quite certain that I made more than my share of mistakes over the years. But in spite of those mistakes and my own self-doubts, reading these cards reminded me that lives were indeed touched and a difference was made. I could choose to dismiss the messages written in the cards. “If only they really knew who I am…” But, at least in this moment, I choose to believe them. I choose to be encouraged by them. I choose to look past my own misgivings and remember that who I am and what I have to offer is a gift to the world. And I would invite you to remember that about yourself as well. Each of us has our own light to shine into the darkness. Let us remember to let it shine.

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