It’s All Light & Magic

Tonight my partner & I watched an on-line concert by one of my all-time favorite singer/songwriters – Carrie Newcomer. It was a lovely evening of songs & stories that moved my heart. In introducing one of her songs – When the Light Comes Down – she mentioned that it was inspired by the poem Monet Refuses the Operation by Lisel Mueller. And then, as she began to sing I realized that the experience she was singing about is really what I try to capture with my photography. The world is full of light and it shines through every moment and every experience. On a regular basis I catch glimpses of it, and my photos are a feeble attempt to give expression to the magic. Most of the time I don’t even come close, but I’ll keep trying, because the act of trying reminds me to keep watching for the magic that is always all around me.

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