The Gift of Each Moment

At the edge of the mountain a mama deer and her triplet offspring have been hanging out for a couple of weeks. I’ve seen them several times on my morning hikes. Today I’m standing on a ridge watching them in the field below me. Mama is munching on the grass, the sound rising to meet my ears. Then, one by one, the triplets emerge from the trees. The first one makes its way to mama’s side, where it starts to feed while the maternal doe quietly lowers her head to nuzzle the fawn. Meanwhile, the other two bound across the open space, leaping and bouncing with utter abandon. This ordinary, extraordinary, magical scene unfolds, with me the only witness – a priceless gift that feeds my soul and leaves me smiling. In this one holy and sacred moment time stands still, and I remember that I am connected with the whole Universe. And then the moment has passed, but the lesson lingers. With a grateful nod to Mary Oliver (The Summer Day), this is what I plan to do with my one wild and precious life!

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