It’s All About the Love

by | Jun 21, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Roger Lynn is an experiential mystic – lover of life – photographer – flute player – poet – hiker – hot spring soaker – expresser of gratitude – blessed beyond the capacity of words to express. He currently lives in Boulder, CO.

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It’s Father’s Day and I am qualified to celebrate not because of biology but because of love. None of my daughters are genetically related to me. What I share with them is heart connection. And for that I will forever be grateful. Each of them in their own unique ways have enhanced and enriched my life beyond my capacity to express. Before I met them I could not have imagined such a gift. Now I cannot imagine life without them in it. Love comes in all sorts of forms, and arrives by paths beyond our reckoning. The important thing is that it arrives, and when it does that we notice and open to it, embrace it and allow it to embrace us. On this Father’s Day I pause to remember and celebrate the gift of love which has arrived at my doorstep. My life has been forever changed. Gratitude abounds!



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