Sharing Beauty

For whatever reason (who knows what goes on in my brain), this song came to mind this morning. 

I was thinking about the Sarajevo cellist sharing his gift of music in the midst of the overwhelming insanity and horror of war (a true story, by the way), and that got me thinking about the situation we are currently facing. We don’t have bombs dropping like rain, but there is plenty of hatred, bigotry, violence, fear, and general ugliness. It was about then in this rambling internal pondering when I realized that I am trying to do something similar to the cellist in this song. I don’t know how to play the cello, but I have an eye for beauty and I own a camera. Sharing my photographs doesn’t require the kind of courage which the cellist exhibited, but this morning it occurred to me that our intentions are similar. In the face of overwhelming circumstances we are each called to do what we can, and one of the things I can do is to share beauty. What I’m really trying to do is remind myself, and anyone else who sees my photographs, that “the long forgotten beauty we thought was blown away” is, in fact, still with us, and has the power to help facilitate healing and transformation. I invite you to pay attention to what you are being called to share. When we each step up and do what we can the world will be changed.

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