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Camino – Day 17

Camino - Day 17 Today was a pleasant and uneventful 23km day. A chilly morning with clear skies, I was walking as the sun crested over the eastern horizon behind me. One of the things about walking the Camino is that the sunrise is behind you. The path always takes...

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Walking the Camino

The Camino de Santiago is for walking. That is what you do. Everyday. You walk. Up hills and mountains. Across valleys and rivers. On pavement, dirt, gravel, sand, rocks, cobblestone, and mud. Next to highways, through the narrow streets of old world walled...

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Camino – Day 16

Camino - Day 16 Another really lovely day on the Camino. 29 km - mostly on paths through the countryside. Yesterday I walked all morning in the pouring rain, with heavy winds coming straight into my face most of the way. It had its own kind of charm (mostly because...

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