– Roger Lynn

Stepping into

the Mystery

Reflections from a Sauntering Coddiwompler

Latest from the Journey

Early Morning Star Pondering

Nothing I perceive or experience is “real.” It doesn’t exist. The stars I see when I look up into the night sky are light-years away. The light I’m seeing left its source a long time ago. Even the light I am looking at right now coming from the screen of my phone...

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Falling in Love

Most mornings find me sitting in the hot tub looking at the stars just as the not-yet-risen sun is beginning to color the eastern horizon. Today a haiku showed up, and left me smiling (as such things often do). But then this particular haiku revealed itself to be...

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It’s been a long and tiring and fruitful week-end, doing what I had thought I was through with. My life continues to break open around me in such delightfully surprising ways. And perhaps the most surprising part of all is that I find myself experiencing peace and...

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